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What Can Cause Toothaches in Children?

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Toothaches are painful and tiring for adults, but in children, these toothaches can cause a lot of problems throughout their day. Knowing the cause of these toothaches can help you to best treat the issue and enhance the overall oral and dental health of your mouth. Dr. Jeni Kong and Dr. Sandra Oh can help you determine what is causing your child’s pain and some of the best ways to treat the issue. Schedule a consultation with Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA today.

What is a toothache?

A toothache is simple — a pain stemming from one or more teeth and the gums that surround them. It can be caused by a multitude of issues and may be accompanied by other side effects. If your child has a toothache, they may also be experiencing fever, fatigue, and a general run-down feeling.

What are the most common causes of toothaches in children?

There are many possible reasons that your child could be experiencing a toothache ranging from mild dental trauma to more serious issues like decay and abscesses. Some of the reasons include:

  • Cavities: One of the most common reasons for toothaches in children is dental cavities. This pain may show up when they eat or drink something with an extreme temperature or that is too sweet. Tooth decay can be a serious issue if left untreated — so it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Broken tooth: If your child has experienced some kind of dental or facial trauma, they could have fractured one of their teeth. These can sometimes cause issues such as pain or the weakening of their teeth health over time.
  • Inflamed gums: Irritated gums, like those caused by gingivitis, can cause discomfort with normal daily activities like brushing and flossing.
  • Abscessed tooth: a pocket can form at the root of your tooth and become infected and start to decay. This type of pain is typically severe and feels like a throbbing sensation. An abscess can begin to eat through their teeth and bone.
  • Tooth grinding: Habitual teeth grinding, called bruxism, can wear away at your dental enamel leaving your teeth vulnerable and sensitive. This sensitivity can feel very similar to a toothache and may make your child feel discomfort.

What should I do if my child has a toothache?

If your child is experiencing a toothache, it is important to go get it looked at as soon as possible because it could be caused by something serious. Once the root of the issue is found, Dr. Jeni and Dr. Oh can help create a treatment plan to best fit the situation.

Where can I get treatment for my child’s toothache in Lawrenceville, GA?

Toothaches can cause your children to generally feel poorly, as well as cause fevers and other issues. When left untreated, the underlying cause of the toothache can get worse and start causing more problems. While there is no one reason for toothaches in children, the issues are typically easily treatable. Dr. Jeni Kong and Dr. Sandra Oh can help you keep your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums in the best condition possible. Contact Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA today for a full consultation on the overall state of your child's oral and dental health today.

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