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How do pediatric dentists clean teeth?

Even if your children practice great oral hygiene at home, it can still be beneficial for them to have a professional dental cleaning at Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry twice each year. Using special instruments, our caring team performs professional dental cleanings by gently removing plaque and tartar that has accumulated on the teeth, and then polishes the enamel for a healthier, brighter smile. After your child's cleaning, you can ask Dr. Jeni Kong and our staff for tips on how to best care for your child's teeth at home and discover certain areas that may need special attention. A professional dental cleaning will give board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Kong a chance to identify any problem areas in your child's mouth that may need treatment. Having a professional dental cleaning is an important step in keeping up your family's dental health, so make an appointment for your children at our Lawrenceville, GA facility today.

What age should kids get teeth cleaning?

Dr. Jeni, along with the ADA (American Dental Association), recommends that patients have a professional cleaning two times a year. Babies should visit the dentist before they turn a year old. Following your child's initial visit with our office, Dr. Jeni can help you decide when your child is old enough for their next dental appointment. A professional cleaning may help your child to avoid developing cavities, as built-up plaque-bacteria (the primary culprit for tooth decay) is removed. A cleaning will also eliminate stains and tartar from the teeth. To give your children happy and healthy smiles, encourage a positive relationship with dentistry, and avoid the potential for costlier treatments, schedule their cleaning visits at Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry today.

What does a pediatric teeth cleaning entail?

A professional cleaning starts by addressing the tartar and plaque that accumulate on the enamel, While plaque can be removed easily at home with daily brushing and flossing, tartar adheres to the teeth and is more difficult to remove. Special instruments are used to scale tartar and plaque buildup from the teeth without harming the enamel. Depending on the amount of plaque and tartar accumulation, we may use an ultrasonic instrument (which combines sonic vibrations and a fine water mist) to clear debris from the teeth. Next, we'll utilize hand instruments, such as a scaler or curette, to fine scale and remove smaller areas of buildup. Every tooth will be individually scaled to ensure all areas are free of plaque and tartar. After we've completed this step, we'll carefully polish the teeth to remove surface stains and create a smooth finish. We typically provide professional fluoride treatments at the end of the appointment to help protect your child's smile against cavity formation. 

should i help my child brush their teeth?

Dr. Jeni may recommend cleanings more often if your child has other oral health concerns or is wearing braces. Throughout the cleaning appointment, Dr. Jeni or one of our caring team members will help your child develop a good home oral care routine by recommending dental products and demonstrating techniques that can focus on your child's specific areas concern. Until children reach a certain age and level of dexterity, it is important for you to co-brush and floss your child's teeth to help them enjoy a healthy smile between visits. Routine dental cleanings are advantageous for your child's teeth, smile, and overall health, so be sure to schedule regular dental appointments with our friendly team at Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry.

does insurance cover pediatric teeth cleaning?

A professional dental cleaning is a preventive treatment and typically covered by insurance. A member of our office will consult with your insurance company to understand your child's coverage and determine if you should expect any out-of-pocket expenses. If your child does not have insurance, you can talk to our team about the payment methods we accept and receive more information on special patient financing.

keep your kid's smile healthy

Help keep your child's smile healthy and bright with twice-yearly dental cleanings at Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA. Dr. Jeni and our caring team are proud to provide family-oriented, caring dentistry so that children maintain a positive attitude toward oral health. A vital procedure in any preventive oral health plan, a dental cleaning may help minimize the future need for more complex care and expensive treatments. Contact our front office today to schedule an appointment for your children.

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