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When Should My Child's Baby Teeth Come In?

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When your baby’s first pearly white tooth erupts from their pink gum, it's a time to rejoice. Your bundle of joy is growing up and becoming a toddler soon. However, when should your child’s baby teeth come in? The baby teeth of most babies start to erupt on the bottom front gum between the ages of 6 – 12 months. That said, all babies are unique, and it’s not uncommon for some babies to not get their first tooth until they are 12 months or older. Pediatric dentists Dr. Jeni Kong and Dr. Sandra Oh can answer your questions and provide care and treatment at Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA.

When to schedule a pediatric dental appointment

The first teeth to make an appearance are the lower central incisors. By the time your tot reaches three years old, they will usually have all their baby teeth.

Ideally, when you notice your baby’s first tooth, it's time to make an appointment for a complete oral and pediatric dental exam. Dr. Kong or Dr. Oh is happy to perform your baby’s first dental exam in Lawrenceville, GA. They recommend that all babies visit the dentist before their first birthday.

At your baby’s first pediatric dental visit, we will evaluate your little one’s oral health. The team may carry out a professional cleaning even if your baby has only a single tooth.

The cleaning helps prevent a buildup of plaque bacteria, which can lead to tooth decay. It also sets the foundation for a lifetime of positive dental visits and oral health. You want to encourage a positive relationship with your child’s dentist so that your child always looks forward to the twice-a-year exams and cleanings.

A cleaning will effectively remove any stains or tartar from the baby teeth, so their pearly whites shine.

Brushing your child’s baby teeth

Our pediatric dentists will often recommend more than twice a year dental cleanings if your child is wearing braces or has other oral health issues. During your child’s dental cleaning, the team at Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA will work with your child to demonstrate good oral care and how to use dental products.

Until your child is old enough and has developed sufficient dexterity, you will need to co-brush and help floss your child’s teeth to maintain their smile and oral health between dental visits.

How often should your child have dental cleanings?

Routine dental cleanings at Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA help your child learn how to maintain good oral health care at home. At dental exams and cleanings, our friendly team can also catch problems early before they become painful or extreme.

Ideally, we recommend dental cleanings for your child every six months, which is what the American Dental Association (ADA) also recommends. Your baby’s first dental visit should take place when their first tooth appears.

Most dental cleanings take around 45 minutes to carry out. However, if other procedures or the application of sealants are recommended, the appointment might take longer.

Dental cleanings of your baby’s teeth are perfectly safe. The enamel of your child’s baby teeth is exceptionally strong, and a dental cleaning will not damage it.

Schedule your pediatric dental appointment in Lawrenceville, GA

If your baby’s first tooth has made an appearance, it’s time to schedule a dental appointment with Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GA. Call our office today to schedule a dental appointment with pediatric dentists Dr. Jeni Kong or Dr. Sandra Oh to examine your child’s baby teeth.

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